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Pi Projects for Schools

Through the help of the Raspberry Pi Community, I have started a Pi Club at my school for KS3 students. This club is helped by Sixth form students interested in programming and computer science. To find projects, help and advice I attended the London Rapsberry Jam and I can not recommend this experience enough. I highly recommended going along and asking the community to help create an affordable project that can be delivered by a teacher. I was surprised and humbled by the response I received.

Project 1 - The Wind Turbine

Kindly put together by Richard Vidler. Other files can be found on his website here.

This project has been designed to introduce pupils to the Raspberry Pi and the world of possibilities it opens to someone with creative or technical aspirations. This project will go from introducing the pupil to the Raspberry Pi, its operating system and concept to building a fully functional project that connects to the Raspberry Pi and sends information to a webpage that could be seen anywhere in the world.

I'm in the process of converting this into a scheme of work. 21/09/2012

Project 2 - Traffic Lights

Kindly put together by SKPang

This is a simple GPIO traffic light demo on the Raspberry Pi. Currently it is written in C but after a chat with SK Pang at a Raspberry Jam he said he will rewrite it in Python. SK offers all the electronic kits to supplement this project.

Project 3 - Lego

If you already own a Lego Mindstorms education set, then this could be a quick and cost effective way to introduce students to the Raspberry Pi and programming. At a Raspberry Jam in London I witnessed how simple it is to plug a mindstorms robot into a pi and get it to spin and do other tricks.

Project 4 - Scratch Controlling the GPIO

Kindly submitted by Simon Walters

A simple way to get started with a raspberry pi to control some lights.